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Planning Method

November 14, 2018

china latest news about Planning Method

Exhibition cabinet is attractive: it makes people relaxed and happy, and is attractive. It gives people a good feeling and makes people leave a profound image.



There are a lot of factors in the planning of the exhibition cabinet, which need to be combined with artistic techniques to make the best visual effect and good psychological effect are the basic requirements of the exhibition planning.The display cabinet reflects the image and industry status of the exhibition company: if the exhibition company is a large company, it cannot be planned as a vendor image.The booth can attract the attention of visitors, and the footstep of attracting visitors: in the planning principle of the booth, the audience is very critical to the first look of the booth. Research shows that in the competitive and colorful environment, this one glance decides whether the booth attracts the audience or loses the potential customer.Therefore, the showcase should be eye-catching and interesting.



The first function is to attract visitors' attention and interest.



The second function is to attract visitors to the exhibition cabinets and carefully look at the exhibits.Planning should be artistic, but be careful not to be flashy.As competition becomes increasingly fierce and demand levels and structures are constantly updated, the mall environment is changing rapidly.In this case, even the most appropriate jewelry display cabinet planning will have to be adjusted due to changes in the mall environment, constraints and influencing factors.Modern jewelry display cabinet design on the one hand shows its scientific nature, but also has considerable sensitivity.This is mainly attributed to that the modern exhibition planning process is not a one-way decision-making process, but a two-way circular decision-making process.From the initial investigation of the jewelry display cabinet to the final evaluation of the role of the jewelry display cabinet, the changes in response to the mall and the expenditure can be timely adjusted and revised to make the whole planning activities of the exhibition cabinet stick to sufficient sensitivity.



Booth planning is a creative thinking activity, but it is by no means random, but with a cautious scientific nature.This is reflected above all in the exhibition planning to follow certain procedures: before adopting the display cabinet to publicize the move, it is necessary to conduct a thorough investigation and research on the market situation, the attitude of the spenders, the social environment and the situation of competitors.Then, make a comprehensive analysis according to the data and information at hand, find out the key points of doubt, determine the guidelines for display, and formulate the display cabinet plan and its specific implementation plan;Finally, the function of the display cabinet should be evaluated until the company's exhibition policy and marketing policy are achieved.The scientific nature of the cases and planning but also in many cases and planning is a cross scientific knowledge fusion process, the use cases to learn principles, psychology and communication studies, marketing, on the basis of system theory, cybernetics and other multi-disciplinary, with the help of modern advanced technology means such as computer, jewelry for exhibition companies to provide decision-making basis and the optimal solution, in order to obtain the best economic and social benefits.

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