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The Difference Between of Foreign And Domestic On Design Style

November 14, 2018

china latest news about The Difference Between of Foreign And Domestic On Design Style

According to guangzhou exhibition ark factory understanding, the stylist of a lot of exhibition ark design company people use the opportunity that the company trains goes abroad study the style of work of foreign outstanding exhibition ark, combine the design characteristic of oneself company to design a more accord with domestic, more fashionable, more avant-courier come.



The stylist that gives exhibition ark factory impresses the deepest still is the booth that gem exhibits and exhibition ark are decorated, they and domestic exhibition ark design style is very different.The person that understands ark should know, at present domestic exhibition stage is decorated in the regulations in the right way, the prop that decorate also is more onefold, basically be on the market batch production can put those categories that put directly, have oneself distinctive originality to design rarely stage prop.This is easy to let the designer into a rigid situation, creative personality design and layout, not to mention.



In comparison, from the design of foreign exhibition cabinets and style characteristics, almost rarely see repeated and similar design elements, different shopping malls and shopping center, different places of the exhibition and booth layout, presenting different design styles, is really unique, each has its own unique features!A lot of them exhibit ark matchs to decorate with distinctive and creative modelling or the prop design of originality sex, give a person the intuitionistic feeling with different kind.May be in the domestic showcase to see more, this difference is new.



In addition, a seemingly simple block-shaped object is wrapped with rough paper materials, which is matched with a delicate necklace or a pendant with embossing technology. It forms contrast in the performance form of materials, giving people a striking visual effect.This is the successful booth layout, the economic cost is not high, pay attention to the creativity.The composition method of the design props can be said to be different styles, with the spirit of The Times to apply to the "dot" composition.Use the composition of natural scatter to obtain the changeable visual effect.



Scattered point composition, simple and orderly, scattered but not disorderly, lively and changeful.This combination brings people different psychological feelings and artistic charm.The composition of the scattered dots is just like the melodious filamentary filamentary, which is full of beauty in harmony.This is one of many domestic designers worth learning.



In short, compared with the design style of domestic and foreign exhibition cabinets, more attention is paid to customer experience and design creativity, which can more directly express the design ideas and display significance of exhibition cabinets.



At the same time, go up from artistic Angle appreciation analysis, the design of foreign exhibition ark got rid of drab "luxurious" and "wealth" mark, more accord with artistic language, more get close to the distinctive life that fashionable crowd place pursues, it is not to follow tide blindly, those who decide to suit oneself is best, those who pursue is unique grade.These also are the place that deserves domestic exhibition ark stylist to notice.

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